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Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a group of about 6-10 people who commit to meeting together for a specific amount of time and who agree to be completely authentic with each other. The reason we are authentic with each other is to help each other grow in Christ’s love. One of the biggest misconceptions about life is that we think we are alone in our faults. It is not until we begin to live life together in an authentic community that we begin to understand that we all need God’s love and encouragement. Ephesians comes to mind when we are told to lift each other up and encourage each other as brothers and sisters. This is also where we begin to see that we are not alone in our fears of rejection and worth, but we also begin to understand more fully the love and grace of God. 

How is a Life Group different than Sunday School? 

Sometimes there is not much of a difference at all. The biggest difference can be the size of the group. It is not always easy to be authentic in front of a larger group in which more people are less frequent. Other times Sunday School can be a place for learning and less of a place for sharing. Life Groups is not about a lesson plan, but rather an open discussion about what is going on in our own lives and others. 

How do I get involved in a Life Group?

There are regular start and stop times for Life Groups. They each meet for a determined amount of time in which we ask people to join up. While the groups are meeting we ask everyone to commit to that specific amount in order to create an authentic community. If you miss the starting times then we ask that you wait until the next starting point in order to join a group. This is so that a sense of trust and accountability can be established in each group. If you miss a starting of a life group you can always email Pastor John will help make sure you are signed up during the next opportunity. 

Are Life groups for individuals or couples?

Both! Some groups are for females or males only, some groups are set up with couples only, and other groups are set up for anyone who wants to join. 

Who leads a Life Group?

There is not an appointed leader of a Life Group. The point of a Life Group is for everyone to participate. There will be a facilitator and host for the first few meetings to help create an open environment and a place to meet. We do not use a curriculum, but rather some starting questions based on the latest sermons. You can find the current questions for your Life Group below.

Where do Life Groups meet?

Sometimes Life Groups meet at the church, but most often they meet in peoples homes. When you let someone in your home it can be the first step to letting someone in your life. We will have some Life Group options at the Church on Wednesday nights for parents who would like to join one while their kids are at Trackers of Truth. Each week, we will post a page of questions for that week's sermon that will be the basis for discussion in the Life Groups.

For information about joining or hosting a life group, contact Pastor John Simonson at

If you missed a sermon, or would like to listen again, you can find them here.


Life Group Questions:

4-19-20 Questions Word
4-19-20 Questions PDF
4-26-20 Questions Word
4-26-20 Questions PDF