Prayer Shawl 1What Do You Receive?

What is it that you receive when you receive a Prayer Shawl? What-or who-is it that you welcome? I am reminded of the passages in Matthew 10:40 and John 13:20, “The one who welcomes/receives me, welcomes/receives the one who sent me” When you receive a shawl, you welcome the one who made it for you, whether you know them or not. Their presence, their prayer, their intention is woven through the fibers of the yarn. The prayers become real, tangible and visible in thousands of knit and purl stitches that weave themselves into a beautiful shawl.Prayer Shawl 2

What is it that you receive when you receive a Prayer Shawl? You receive a garment that proclaims peace—peace over you, peace under you, peace within you and peace around you. After all we cannot knit and hold a gun. We cannot knit and strike another. You receive a shawl that has been knit in love—love that is freely given for its own sake. I don’t know of a soul who knits shawls for material gain or recognition. The people I know who knit, the people that participate in this ministry, are-passionate about loving and seek only to express that love through their craft. You receive a garment that has been filled with healing intentions and comfort, a garment that seeks to console and give solace, a garment that celebrated and affirms, a garment that showers abundant blessings upon its wearer from the compassionate heart of its maker.Prayer Shawl 3

What is it that you receive when you receive a Prayer Shawl? You receive membership into a circle that has no boundaries, a circle with a momentum that continues to ripple out into the global community. It has become greater that any of the people and parts that have made this community possible. In a time when war is destroying what we hold dear and the world is in chaos, you receive peace that you may be peace. You receive love that you may be love. You receive healing that you may heal. You receive affirmation that you may affirm. Be mindful. Be prayerful. Wrap yourself in your prayer shawl and feel all that I have told you.Prayer Shawl 4