The Church School / Sunday School

Visit and join A Sunday School Class this Sunday at 9:45 a.m.!

We have classes for every age group so bring the kids and join the fellowship.

If you see the need for a different type or special services class that is not listed here, please bring it to our attention so we might consider filling that need. Since we cannot think of everything we need your help.


KidsQuest – Kids  from new born to Junior High School ages


Disciple IV – special study program


Questors – Sensational Senior Citizens

Wesley – adults fifty and older

Youth – High School / Junior High

We also have classes at various times that do not meet continuously. These might be classes on church membership, youth membership training, special bible study programs or other programs as needs require. For information an these special church school programs, please contact the church office at:


Leaders – Do you need help in selecting a program for your class? The United Methodist Church has an excellent resource for you to use. Go to and find a ready-made approved course.